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Outdoor Ed Program

Presidio Outdoor Education is committed to the total education of a child—both inside and outside of  the classroom. The educational development of a child must include a variety of meaningful experiences that  promote positive personal growth and  social development.

Presidio is proud to offer the most extensive Outdoor Education program in the S.F.U.S.D.

This year Presidio is offering Outdoor Education Programs to Yosemite National Park and to Olympic National Park in Washington State. Student participants will increase their knowledge of the natural environment while expanding their personal and social skills. NatureBridge instructors will teach and lead our students in a curriculum based on California State Teaching Standards. Participation will not affect a student’s attendance record. These programs are open to all students, 6th, 7th and 8th graders who meet academic qualifications. Our Outdoor Education Program conducts one annual fundraiser—A Community Dinner to keep costs down. The success of these programs depends on the collaborative efforts of teachers, administrators, parents, students and community resources.

Outdoor Education

2014 Yosemite Trip

2014 Yosemite

Yosemite 2010

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Status area

Olympic National Park 2006

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Outdoor Education Mission Statement

Yosemite & Olympic National Parks

Presidio Middle School operates the most extensive Outdoor Education Program in San Francisco.  Each spring in May, we take 110 students to Yosemite and 45 to Olympic National Parks for six days.  We believe students must experience and learn about the natural world to achieve a well-rounded education. Outdoor Education teaches our students lessons in biology, geology, history, botany, stewardship, and management of our National Parks.  Our dedicated staff of teachers and parent chaperones volunteers hundreds of hours of their time so that this program is made possible. Our teachers and parents organize the itinerary, operate fundraisers, and include students from all school programs and cultural backgrounds. We work closely with NatureBridge Field Guides who lead the students on daily hikes and evening programs.

Students record their observations and reflections daily in their “Field  Journals”.  Students learn team-building skills, accomplish group challenges, and experience extraordinary personal growth.  This program allows urban youths the opportunity to experience and appreciate the beauty and power of Nature, and to learn conservatorship - the responsibility of caring, preserving, and managing the environment and national parks, for future generations. This is imperative to promoting environmental global health.      


Outdoor Education Committee:

Ms. Leslie Burleson                                      Yosemite Park Coordinator

Mr. Navin Wong                                           Teacher/Chaperone

Mr. Brian Okita                                             Teacher/Chaperone

Mr.Kevin Gortney                                         Teacher/Chaperone

Ms. Sharon Cheng                                        Teacher/Chaperone

Ms. Sarah Jones                                            Teacher/Chaperone

Mr. Jason Jensen                                          Teacher/Chaperone


Ms. Katie Molinaro                                      Olympic Park Coordinator

Mr. Michael Mattix                                      Teacher/Chaperone